The Importance of Energy Efficiency

“Energy efficiency” seems to be on everybody’s lips these days, but what does it really mean? And is it so different from the traditional ways by which homeowners seek to cut down on their energy costs?

Simply put, energy efficiency means essentially what the words mean – that while energy consumption is reduced, the result is still of the same level and quality. So for instance, if you wish to make the lights in your home more energy efficient, you can replace your old light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs to conserve energy and cut down on your energy costs and energy consumption without having to suffer through periods of downtime. In other words, the lights would still be turned on as usual, but energy-efficient lights can reduce the amount of energy consumed to do so. In this scenario, the steps taken towards energy efficiency could include investing in CFL or LED light bulbs.

Another step that homeowners can take in making their house more energy efficient is to ensure the proper insulation of their homes during winter. Heating and cooling systems have been shown to be the greatest energy consumers in most residential homes. But you waste energy utilized for heating if your house isn’t properly insulated. So investing in stronger insulation for your home can save you more money in the long run, due to the reduced energy consumption of your heating system. This includes insulation even in the rooms which we don’t often use, such as attics and basements.