Types of Green Power

Green power is power derived from renewable energy sources that are also cleaner to use than the more traditional forms of energy sources like coal, gas, and nuclear power. The increasing worldwide awareness of environmental changes that are the result of our use of our natural resources are becoming a global concern, and so efforts have been made to increase the use of green power or green electricity.

The great thing about renewable sources of energy is that they utilize natural energy sources that are in no danger of being exhausted due to human use. Also, the impact on the environment of using these types of green power is minimal, if at all. Shifting to these types of energy sources can certainly go a long way because it reduces the air pollution that may otherwise result from the traditional use of coal power plants, for instance.

There are different types of green power, which can be differentiated based on the source:


Solar power utilizes energy produced from harnessing sunlight. This is done through the use of solar panels which collect and convert sunlight to electricity through the use of special semi-conductors.


You can probably recognize the sight of magnificent wind turbines dotting the landscape. When wind causes the blades of a wind turbine to turn, electricity is generated.


Hydroelectric power is generated from the energy produced by water currents that are coursed through specialized turbines. The faster the water current, the more electricity is generated.


Biomass can also be a prime source of electricity. Biomass is sourced from various organic waste materials which are then converted into fuel through combustion. The process of converting biomass to fuel is what generates electricity.